Make Like a ‘Tree Pose’ and Concentrate? Yoga for ADHD

by on March 9th, 2010 at 7:00 am

With all the medicines on the market, wouldn’t it be nice to find natural help for managing ADHD?

In the world that we live in– which includes work, home, kids, and relationships– a much needed break or “time-out” for ourselves may be just the ticket. The point of doing yoga is to relax, rejuvenate, refresh, and focus– things that someone with ADHD, also known as ADD, may have trouble doing.

Yoga offers numerous benefits including:

• Improves concentration
• Helps depression, anxiety and panic attacks
• Increases flexibility
• Increases lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons
• Massages ALL organs of the body
• Promotes detoxification
• Tones the muscles
• Improves posture and breathing
• Burns fat and helps to balance the body, therefore is excellent for those looking to lose weight

These are examples of some of the wonderful health benefits of yoga, but for people with ADD & ADHD alike, the psychological benefits far exude the physical ones. Yoga prides itself on supporting the mind-body connection, which is especially valuable for those with ADHD. Some positions in particular such as forward bends, help with slowing down the body and calming the mind, while the tree pose, mountain pose,  and triangle pose all help with concentration.

While getting to the gym or a yoga studio may seem out of the question, yoga at home can be just as beneficial, and no, you don’t necessarily have to get one of those Yoga DVD’s at your local video store. Yoga can also be modified to suit your abilities and needs. Yoga can be done sitting in silence with your eyes closed with relaxing music in the background, or just focusing on your own breath for a short period.

Lying on your back calmly with your eyes closed for 15 minutes has been known to be the most important part of any yoga session. While this is still called a “yoga pose”, it is absolutely effortless and the benefits are remarkable! This pose, called the corpse pose, relaxes and refreshes the body, quiets the mind and helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

In any case, yoga is a wonderful tool for anyone willing to incorporate it into his or her life. Statistics have shown that exercise in any form is beneficial for anyone, and especially for those with ADHD. Although yoga cannot replace proper treatment, it can provide health benefits and play a huge role in helping to manage ADHD on a daily basis.

BrightSparkis a homeopathic remedy that relieves hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsiveness in children with attention problems.

Research shows that both ADD and ADHD are considered the same condition. Although the term ADD is still used by the public to identify a subset of ADHD, ADHD is the proper medical terminology for people with attention disorders whether they display signs of hyperactivity or not. In our posts when we use the term ADHD, we are also referring to ADD and vice versa.

2 Responses to “Make Like a ‘Tree Pose’ and Concentrate? Yoga for ADHD”

  1. MArie

    Jul 14th, 2010

    What about for kids.?? do you think it would work with them as well..?

    • B. Chancey

      Jul 15th, 2010

      Hi Marie,
      Yes! I am a true believer that yoga is for everyone, even kids. Kids that exhibit the symptoms of ADHD can benefit greatly from the yoga poses mentioned. Yoga allows a child to move around and have fun, but also to get connected with their mind as well, helping to slow down racing thoughts at home and school.

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