Be Kind to Your Colleagues- Stay Home If You’re Sick!

by on March 10th, 2010 at 7:00 am

We’ve all been there… sitting at our desks, minding our own business… when we hear a co-worker hacking up a lung, sniffling and blowing their nose every five minutes. Why is this person contaminating the entire office? Lysol and hand sanitizer will only go so far, since most illnesses are transmitted via airborne contact.

Why Won’t They Just Stay Home?

Maybe it’s because of limited sick/personal days or there’s a pressing project to finish… but truth of the matter is, being one staff member short temporarily is better than creating a vicious cycle of the entire office going under.

If You’re Sick…

Really evaluate your condition. If you’re too sick to even function or are really posing a health threat, be considerate to not only others but to yourself. If you’re contagious, there’s really no excuse not to stay home. Your body needs recuperation time to fight the illness and lessen its duration. Pushing yourself will only make it worse and likely cause it to drag on.

Often, employers encourage staying home, especially if some tasks can be conducted away from the office, such as reports, emails, etc. If something is urgent and pressing, be sure to follow up with anyone involved on the project. Usually coworkers would rather step up to the plate than be exposed to the potential of becoming sick.

If you must go in, limit your contact with others. Be extra diligent to avoid touching common items, and if you must, wipe them down with sanitizer after use. Washing your hands frequently and covering your mouth and nose with a tissue are also good ways to avoid making everyone in the office sick.

In addition, herbal and homeopathic remedies can help soothe common cold symptoms and speed up recovery! Herbs such as Echinacea purpurea, Inula helenium and Withania somnifera are commonly used for their antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties and their excellent ability to support the immune system. Mentha piperita, Yarrow, Nux vom., Alium cepa, Influenzinum and Baccillum also work effectively to relieve common cold symptoms and help the body get back on the road to recovery.

Tips on Staying Healthy When Everyone Else in the Office is Sick

Working with a sick co-worker is simply unavoidable in some instances. There’s always someone who simply won’t (or can’t) stay home when sick. Many workers nowadays feel overwhelmed with work and feel they simply can’t take the day off.

However, there are some steps you can take to lower your risk. Natural remedies are always useful, such as echinacea purpurea, a Native American herb famous for its antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. It is an excellent immune system tonic that boosts the body’s immunity by stimulating the production of immune cells.

Another commonly used herb is astragalus membranaceous, an ideal remedy for anyone who is prone to recurrent infections such as the common cold, as it is able to increase the body’s resistance and immune response to illness.

ImmunityPlusprovides complete and effective immune system support.

Viscum album is commonly known to enhance the immune-stimulating properties of other ingredients, and it encourages repair of damaged cells. Other natural ingredients with immune boosting properties are Inula helenium, Withania somnifera, Hypoxis Rooperi (extract of African Potato), Mentha piperita, Solidago virgaurea, Crataegus oxycanthoides, Schizandra chinensis, and Olea europea (extract of Olive leaf). All of these powerful and organic ingredients are found in nature’s medicine chest and will go a long way in helping you strengthen your immune system against illness, disease, and infection.

More Tips to Stay Healthy

  • A deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals can weaken the immune system; be sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet consisting of a wide variety of fruit and vegetables and limit junk food and candy.
  • Eat immune-enhancing foods that are chemical-free and organically grown.
  • A daily cup of natural organic yogurt can reduce your susceptibility to flu infections.
  • Keep away from second-hand cigarette smoke and obvious sources of environmentally toxic agents like car gas fumes, pollution and harsh detergents or cleaning materials.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of prescription medications, especially antibiotics and steroid drugs.
  • Maintain a healthy weight and get plenty of exercise.
  • Wash your hands frequently, particularly underneath your fingernails.
  • Drink eight glasses of water daily to cleanse your body’s system.
  • Increase your supplement intake with Vitamin C and cod liver oil.
  • Strive to obtain consistent, adequate sleep and regular exercise help to ward off infections.
  • Reduce stress by practicing relaxation techniques, exercising, or listening to music.
  • Limit your alcohol consumption, as alcohol dehydrates the body and leaves you more prone to infection.

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