Winter Health Care

by on January 17th, 2011 at 7:00 am

Let’s face it: it’s not uncommon to suffer from common cold, flu and ear infection symptoms like a runny nose, scratchy throat, earache and even sinus pressure during the winter months. Some families spend hundreds of dollars on doctor visits in the winter time, but learning how to prevent viruses and heal the body naturally can save you time and money this season.


Most adults tend to catch the common cold 3-4 times a year, and unfortunately for children, those numbers are even higher. With statistics like these, it is important to know what you can do naturally for you and your loved ones to prevent recurring colds.

Children who go to daycare with many other children are more likely to get sick, because unlike adults, children lack the common sense to remember to correctly wash their hands and stay away from other sick children. Make sure your child eats a well-balanced diet to ensure proper vitamin and mineral consumption to keep immune systems strong and help ward off infections. For adults, the same rules apply- wash your hands frequently, and stay away from co-workers and people who are sick.

Adults and children over the age of one can greatly benefit from herbs such as Marshmallow and Hyssop, which help soothe mucous membranes and assist the body to maintain respiratory and immune system health.


The flu can last anywhere from 1-2 weeks, and in that amount of time, symptoms like fever, muscle aches, chills, headaches, coughing, congestion and extreme fatigue can get cumbersome quickly. Drinking fluids and getting plenty of rest is the best natural way to treat the flu. Preventatively, eating a cup of natural organic yogurt and limiting your consumption of alcohol can reduce your susceptibility to the flu.

Homeopathic Nat mur (D6) tackles coughing, a runny nose, and common chest congestion, while Belladonna (30C) helps people who suffer from agitation, confusion and restless when not well and confined to bed.

Ear Infections

Apart from colds and flu, ear infections are very common during the winter months. Although they usually last only a couple days, the pain associated with an ear infection can be quite debilitating and even make families take a trip to the emergency room. Applying a warm, moist compress on the affected ear can help relieve ear pain and pressure.

Also, homeopathic ingredients, such as Wind flower (12C), which helps common earaches, and Belladonna (30C), which is used for systemic soothing and glandular health, are both completely safe and effective for children and adults.

To ensure you and your family steer clear of cold, flu and ear infections this season, keep your immune system in top condition. A well-balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and nutrients, and exercising on a regular basis, can help your immune system stay healthy and strong.

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