Why Dieters Fail

by on November 25th, 2011 at 7:00 am

Why Dieters FailDieting can be a vicious cycle for many, even for determined dieters. Have you been trying to lose weight for years and failing? The reason could be as simple as unrealistic goals, says Dr. Hall from the National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Diseases. The common rule for weight loss is to burn 3,500 calories and lose a pound. It turns out this rule is not correct, and could be the reason many are failing. Losing weight is more complicated than just burning calories. Dieters often set unrealistic goals and give up. Dr. Hall explains that weigh gain can continue for some, even if they have not changed their lifestyle, and some can lose weight.

The research shows permanent weight loss takes time and is a slow process. It should be taken in two stages. The first is an aggressive change, then a more casual but permanent change. The only way to keep the weight off  is stick with a regiment of diet and exercise.   Most people fail because they are unable to stick to their goals, which is why it takes time. You must set a realistic goal and stick to it. Hall found that people who consume an extra 10 calories a day will gain an extra 20 pounds over a 30 year period.  A realistic goal would be to cut 250 calories a day; this would result in an average of 25 pounds lost in a 3 year period.  So take it slow. Dieting requires a lifestyle change, as there is no quick fix.

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