What’s that Rash? Help for Kids with Sensitive Skin

by on January 14th, 2011 at 7:00 am

Since most young children are active and curiously getting into everything, the cause of a rash can be hard to pinpoint.

Did your child have an encounter with a plant while outside, develop rug burn while playing, or does he or she have an allergy to something in your house? While the latter may be your last guess, it may be your best!

Pet Allergies – If a little playtime with a new dog or cat in the household causes your child’s eyes to become red and swollen, or he/she develops an itchy rash, your new furry friend may be causing an allergic reaction. Before you find a new home for Fido or Fluffy, try limiting your child’s exposure to the dog or cat. Bathe your new pet at least once a week, and vacuum often to remove pet dander and hair.  In addition, keep your pet off furniture and bedding. If possible, keep your pet outdoors.

Detergents & Fabric Softeners – Heavily scented and perfumed laundry products can be very irritating, especially to young children’s skin. Try using fragrance-free cleaning products and skip the softener.

Personal Care Products – Just when you thought you had established a good hygiene routine with your child and he/she washes up regularly, a rash starts appearing! Be cautious of scented and antimicrobial hand soaps, which can irritate and overly dry the skin. The same goes for shampoos, lotions and other fragranced products. Choose hypoallergenic varieties and skip the scented if you notice a reaction.

Other Irritants – Besides products that may directly touch your child’s skin, keep an eye out for other potential triggers such as air fresheners, candles, or even cleaning products. Avoid use of these when your child is around.

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