Weak in the Knees? Yoga Can Help With That

by on March 3rd, 2011 at 7:00 am

Did you know the most frequently operated on body part is the knee? Every year nearly 11 million Americans complain of knee pain, ranging from a simple injury to a degenerative disease.  Protect your knees against injury and even a degenerative disease in the joints by learning simple yoga poses.

Recently, I decided to pump up my work outs and start running on a daily basis. While I knew it was going to take some time to get this yoga junkie revved up for a more physically demanding routine, I didn’t expect to gain a small injury from it. After 8 days of running on and off the treadmill, I realized I had developed what is called “runners knee”.

If you aren’t familiar with runner’s knee; it’s the result of the overuse of a mistracking knee joint, and can sometimes mean your knees aren’t quite ready to be hitting the pavement. Symptoms of runner’s knee, though more annoying than anything, includes pain around the kneecap and behind the knee. This condition can affect one or both knees, and occurs more often in women than men. I developed runner’s knee from not stretching properly, worn out shoes and weak thigh muscles, which helps keep kneecaps in place. The best way to combat runner’s knee is to keep the knee joints aligned, and luckily yoga can help with that.

Poses such as Warrior and Triangle which strive to strengthen the thigh muscles, can in turn help strengthen the knees. The only thing you need to watch out for during these poses is overextending the joints, both backward and forward. To safeguard against overextension, make sure that the knee doesn’t come over the foot and is completely aligned with the ankle.

Other poses which can be beneficial to the knee joints are balancing poses, especially Eagle pose. The Eagle pose is a very energetic pose and it protects the knee against future injuries by teaching proper alignment. Standing balancing poses can not only discourage knee related injuries but can also build leg muscles, which is a great way to combat complications of the knee joints.

Tips to remember when practicing yoga for knee pain:

  • Always properly align your body by using your feet
  • Tell you instructor of your injuries
  • Use props when you feel like you need extra support
  • Stretch and warm up before any yoga routine
  • Drink plenty of fluids to hinder fluid retention which aggravates joints

Some people may think that yoga is detrimental to knee injuries; however, with proper alignment it can relieve knee pain.  If you have undergone any surgeries and are considering yoga, be sure to talk to your physician first. On top of yoga, there are natural ingredients to help ease joint pain. Herbs such as Devil’s claw can soothe joint pain, while the dietary supplement Glucosamine, aids in repairing cartilage and maintaining joint mobility.

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