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by on February 9th, 2012 at 7:00 am

Low Back PainLow back pain is a big problem in the United States. That’s what the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) found.

The NCHS, a U.S. Government agency, conducted a health survey in 2009.1 According to the results, almost twenty-five percent of adults between eighteen and forty-four years old had low back pain.

This condition is often chronic, which means that people can experience it over a long period of time. The symptoms can vary, too. The National Institutes of Health lists the sensations as dull aching, sharp pain, a tingling or burning sensation, or weakness in the legs or feet.2

Relief may be within reach, though. Scientists have found that Back School, an old exercise program, can be helpful for low back pain. They tested the program in a study.3 Last year, they published the results.

The scientists reported that Back School helped reduce pain in forty-one patients who were suffering from low back pain.  The two-part program included one educational training session and nine exercise sessions, according to the scientists.

Dr. Giovanni Morone and colleagues reported that the exercises were used to teach patients how to breathe, stretch, strengthen abdominal muscles and back muscles, and improve posture.

Dr. Morone and seven other researchers found that teaching the patients these techniques in musculoskeletal system care helped reduce low back pain.

The general public may very well benefit from using the same techniques.

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