Lifestyle Tips for Health & Longevity

by on January 17th, 2010 at 7:00 am

My grandma just celebrated her 90th birthday, which is still quite a feat to me, despite the increasing life span of generations today. While we all may not be as fortunate, it is still important to develop healthy lifestyle habits at all ages that contribute to longevity and well-being!

Stay Active

My grandma stayed very physically active well into her late 80’s by walking several miles a day. Regular exercise is proven to be an effective aid against the risk of osteoporosis, particularly activities that build muscle mass. Working out also helps strengthen coordination and balance, which can greatly help in the later years to lessen the chance of falling and enduring typically subsequent bone fractures.

Even in her later years, she still strives to do what exercise she can manage, from shorter walks to other light activities, such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking.

Stress Less

The old adage ‘this too shall pass’ can be a useful mantra when stress mounts- and yes, this has been a great catchphrase learned from my grandma! It’s a fact that stress can negatively impact health, increasing the concentration of negative hormones like cortisol in the body, raising blood pressure, and compromising immunity, among other things.

While it’s unrealistic to eliminate stress from our lives completely, we certainly can help adjust our perspective on stressors. Finding healthy outlets, managing expectations and goals, and making time for friends and family can all help to achieve balance and mitigate stress.

Eat & Drink Well

Always a big believer of a varied diet loaded in fruits, vegetables, and fish (with wiggle room for the occasional sweets), my grandmother understood the importance of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant-rich foods.

Adequate water intake is also essential for helping aiding digestion, keeping skin hydrated and maintaining vital functioning throughout the body.

As with all approaches to health, a holistic one is best at any age!

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