Tips for getting back on track after the holidays

by on December 21st, 2010 at 7:00 am

Rich food and overeating during the holiday season usually go hand-in-hand, and it can be a little tricky to start healthy eating habits after overdoing holiday cheer. Below are some tips to help you get back on track after holiday binging.

After over-eating candies, cookies, cakes and rich foods, many people rationalize this by telling themselves that they will not eat for the next day or two. Come to find out, that doesn’t really help! Snacking on healthy things, may actually be the best way to combat post holiday weight gain.

Do: Eat small, frequent, protein packed foods

Don’t: Nibble on leftovers

Flushing your system and eliminating toxins is one of the best ways to get yourself back on track after the holidays. Drinking plenty of fluids not only helps to eliminate toxins but can also stop cravings in their tracks. Cravings only last anywhere from 4-12 minutes, by the time you are finished drinking a glass of water the craving may be gone!

Do: Decrease your intake of alcohol, as it can dehydrate the body and cause even more toxin buildup

Don’t: Drink excessive amounts of coffee, soda or non-herbal teas.

So you ate, you drank and you were merry- now it’s time to work it off. If you find yourself on the way to the fridge call a friend to take a walk or run instead. Distracting yourself with exercise can help you shed some extra holiday pounds.

Do: Maintain a healthy stride while walking or running to burn more calories

Don’t: Punish yourself if you miss a workout, it’s not the end of the world. Instead, try to incorporate some activity into your day by parking a little further when running errands, or designating that day to do some cleaning up around the house. The key to shedding pounds is to increase overall activity throughout the day.

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