The truth about Pit Bulls and why they get such a bad rap

by on January 24th, 2010 at 7:00 am

The Pit Bull is one of the most misunderstood creatures. As time goes by and we hear more and more stories about this bully breed, anxiety runs high when even mentioning the name. However, with the right precautions and the right owner, this breed of dog can be a great pet for singles, couples and even families.

How the reputation began

Sources have shown that bull-baiting, a gruesome pin and attack between animals, became popular in the 1700’s, as farmers would use their dogs to tenderize the meat from a bull. Watching a powerful dog take down a bull became a pastime for the locals and they started to put the dogs and the bulls in a pit and watch them fight- hence the name “Pit Bull”. Dogs were then brought over from England and Ireland, where dog fighting had begun to flourish after bull-baiting became illegal in the 1830’s. Soon dog fighting became the community’s amusement; while they would observe, a dog pitted against another dog.

Why does it continue?

Even though these dogs are powerful, strong, intelligent, loving and loyal, the dog fighting seems to continue. It is unknown how many dogs actually suffer for this cause. While it was once used as a way to help farmers to sustain a living in the 1800’s, now dog fighting can sometimes be due to the owner’s ego and profit-making alone.

Should I own a Pit Bull?

Despite the majority of stories depicting them as “bad” dogs, Pit Bulls have been noted for their devotion to their family. Any dog can become aggressive, depending on its upbringing and environment. Dogs that are loved, well-treated and cared for, no matter its breed, can be a joy to their owners! If you want to know more about the breed and if it is right for you, check out

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Are we really training dogs for what they were initially bred for?

Pit Bulls get a bad rap because they were bred to be fighters, but are all dogs actually being trained to do what they were originally intended to be bred for? German Shepherds, for example, were bred to be herding dogs, but they are now used mostly as police dogs. This just goes to show that dogs are trainable, and it is the owners’ responsibility to do just that- properly and humanely.

Native Remedies does not condone the harm of animals; the views expressed in this article are for educational purposes only.

7 Responses to “The truth about Pit Bulls and why they get such a bad rap”

  1. Jasmine P Walton

    Jun 14th, 2010

    I never thought I would own this misunderstood breed until I met my husband. He grew up with them, and made quite clear that pit bull was the only breed for him.

    I’ve had the pleasure of raising two pit bulls with him, and they’ve taught me so much about myself as well as the breed. We lost our Rusty June of last year, but Domino is going strong – she turned 16 in April.

  2. ashley

    Jun 14th, 2010

    I have two pitt bull dogs, the absolute loves of my life. I will only ever get this breed and highly recommend pitts.

  3. Joy

    Jun 15th, 2010

    I have “am staffs” aka refined pit bulls. I love love love this breed. Amazing people dogs. They are absolutely the best. I’m hooked after 14 years and will always have at least one.

  4. CherylMarie

    Jun 17th, 2010

    I was always terrified of this breed because so many people had bred aggression or bad traits into them or, even worse, had abused the animals into agression thinking that would make them “good guard dogs”. After getting to know the breed, I came to see the complete stupidity and cruelty of what was happening to this strong, smart breed that only wanted to please and bond with it’s “pack”. They are very powerful and energetic but love to be loved. I feel so horrible that certain people need to build their egos or wallets at their expense. Now they have been overbred and the shelters are full of victims of these unfeeling, uncaring fools. I sincerely hope that more knowledge and regulations protect them from the “Micheal Vicks” of the world and that whole mentality. They are beautiful, intelligent companions in the right hands of breeders, trainers and owners. I feel more should be done so the shelter will not be filled with “pit bull deathrow ” victims. It is the PEOPLE who should be given the bad rap, NOT the voiceless victims.

  5. Brooke

    Jun 21st, 2010

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for the GREAT comments! Yes, they are a very misunderstood breed! But when raised right, these animals are so loving and gentle, not to mention LOYAL!

  6. ROSE

    Jan 24th, 2011

    We rescued a pit last spring he is just a loving dog he also gets along with our other dogs very well. who ever had him before must have not care much for him because he was thrown out to fend for himself along with another pit and a doxie. Not sure what happen to them by the time we rescued him they were gone and he was by himself eating out of garbage cans and full of ticks we brought him home cleaned him up and named him Chico. he adjusted well and right away he was so happy to have a new home and gave us lots of kisses

  7. sarah

    May 2nd, 2011

    My daughter brought home a pit bull from someone she knew, because they were going to take him to the pound if they couldn’t find a home. I am a pet-lover, not just with domestic but I love wildlife too. The only two things I can’t handle as a pet would be a spider or snake. Anyway, back to my pittie. He is a big baby! He loves attention, loves to give kisses and is very good with the kitties. I have a few that come around when he is out in the house and want TLC from him. He is jealous of my other dog though and vice versa. I don’t and have never liked the fact that they have gotten such a bad rap. I agree that it’s really in the way that they have been brought up and treated. And if you give them lots of love they will be fine. People need to quit focusing on all the bad and they will find articles where there has been cases where pitties have saved peoples lives. All animals can and will bite if they feel threatened in any way. All you pit lovers, keep standing up for them and love them, because we are their voice. Give them lots of love!

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