The Therapeutic Power of Pets

by on September 21st, 2011 at 7:05 am

The Therapeutic Power of Pets

Pets have long been considered part of our families, and their owners are well aware of the love and friendship received. But could pets offer more than just companionship? It’s easy to understand the benefits of a service animal, such as a service dog for the blind.

In fact, over half of all US households own pets; however, many of us don’t realize the power a simple pet can hold. Even watching a fish in an aquarium can help reduce tension and stress. The benefits of owning a household pet are overlooked every day.

A study conducted by the University of Minnesota showed having a cat around the house reduced the risk of heart attacks and strokes by 50 percent! Scientists are discovering new benefits of pet ownership every day, which extend further than ever thought.

Recent studies have found that:

  • Heart attack patients with pets live longer than those without.
  • Playing with a pet raises serotonin and dopamine levels, making you feel more relaxed.
  • Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression.
  • Pet ownership has been proven to decrease blood pressure levels.
  • Pet ownership can increase the frequency of exercise.
  • Structure and routine to your life by pet ownership.
  • Owning a pet helps people socialize more often.

One of the reason people experience positive effects is the simple act of touching. Humans have a basic need to touch, and by petting or cuddling your loved pet you can rapidly calm yourself.

Pet ownership comes with many responsibilities; it should never be taken lightly. To best enjoy a happy, healthy life with your pet it is important you choose one that is right for your lifestyle and home environment.

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    Oct 10th, 2011


    I totally agree with this, in fact it is a shame a pet could not be prescribed on prescription! :)

    My pets always know if I am sad or miserable and come and give you a cuddle, plus having someone else to think about is good to get you ‘outside of your head’.

    Plus its hard to feeling miserable when someone is purring so loudly and you know you are responsible! :)

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