Take Control of Your Cravings

by on June 30th, 2011 at 7:00 am

Every day, we’re exposed to countless ads, many of which include fast-food or other unhealthy snack choices.  How often have you been winding down at the end of the day and see an ad on TV for a gallon of ice cream or bag of chips and suddenly have a major hankering for either one (or both)?

Other times, you may not be exposed to any particularly enticing stimuli and may just feel a late-afternoon desire to satisfy your sweet tooth.

As we know, too much unhealthy food can not only wreck our waistlines, but lead to conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and the list goes on.

To help put cravings in their place, try the following tips:

  • Ask yourself if you’re truly hungry… or just thirsty? While it may seem obvious, thinking about this before reaching for that peanut-buttery chocolate bar might save you a few hundred calories. Studies show that 37% of Americans often mistake thirst for hunger, so drink a glass of water before snacking.  If your hunger is qualified, opt for a satiating but healthier snack.
  • Aim for distraction. If 3PM sends a silent snack attack alarm, mix up your routine so that you’re fully occupied during a typical lull. Schedule a phone call or take a 5-minute break to walk around outside.
  • Give in without feeling guilty. Deprivation is never a good long-term solution for sticking with healthy eating habits. Allow yourself to indulge, within reason – either a weekly “cheat day” to have drinks and dinner with friends, or cake at a birthday party.
  • Check your Candida. Microscopic fungi or yeast occur naturally in the body. One of the most well-known fungal growths in the body is systemic Candida albicans. However, this can become unbalanced, leading to disruptions in the body, including sugar cravings. Avoiding excess grains, dairy, sugar, dietary yeast and most processed foods can help keep Candida in balance.

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  2. Paul Stone

    Nov 21st, 2011

    Im glad you mentioned the television brainwashing. If i sit down to watch a movie im subjected to scenes of butter dripping over lobster, steam rising from freshly baked buns, … I usually see as many as eight of these in a typical movie. And yes, it does make me go for a snack. It probably has a negative effect on a lot of people.

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