Tips for Syncing into the Summer Season

by on July 13th, 2010 at 7:00 am

Vacations are here, which inevitably leads to shifts in daily routines and time management habits. On the flip side, this usually means less stress and time spent worrying, and more time to dedicate to family and friends.

To help maintain healthy lifestyles during this shift in season, the following few simple tips can help everyone transition smoothly.

  • Nutrition: Meal times typically must be re-scheduled, but this shouldn’t pose a problem. Natural remedies can be used to encourage picky eaters. Try lighter recipes that can be quickly thrown together with the abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables available during summer. Seasonal produce has a vibrant, fresh flavor that needs little dressings. Try adding fruits to your salads as well. The tart ones work best such as green apples, strawberries, and tangy citrus. Natural remedies can also encourage picky eaters to try new vegetables!
  • Daily chores: Being part of a family is like being part of a team. Everyone should put some effort into it daily. Even when children are on vacation, they should be responsible for a chore that will occupy some of their time on a daily basis. This gives them perspective, teaches them responsibility and keeps them from watching too much TV.
  • Leisure: Since summer nights are so pleasant, this can mean extra time for a soothing walk outdoors or simply sitting outside counting stars with your child. These precious moments have the ability to create memories that are often treasured for a life time.
  • Sleep: Even though children should have a set bed time, 8 o’clock does not look the same in winter then in it does in summer. How would you like to go “night-night” in broad daylight? It can be confusing to say the least. Try gradually adjusting your child’s bedtime to a later time. If your child has difficulty adjusting to time change natural remedies that maintain healthy sleep patterns can be used to restore balance.

Sleep Tonicis a homeopathic remedy that  reduces sleeplessness associated with insomnia, and increases drowsiness for better sleep.

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