Stress Less About Money this Year

by on January 4th, 2012 at 7:00 am

According to a survey from the National Mental Health Association, finances were listed as the #1 stressor, afflicting nearly half of Americans (48 percent). With health issues ranked the #2 stressor, it is highly likely that there is a strong correlation between the two, and alleviating one may subsequently improve the stress and anxiety caused by the other.

It may be nearly impossible to eliminate all financial worries, but taking small steps to overcome the most common reasons money causes stress can help mitigate our fears (and consequent tension).

1.       Put Your Health First

While maintaining your health can be a moderately costly endeavor, typically restoring it can be twice as expensive. By adhering to a healthy lifestyle all year long (eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly), you can help sustain well-being and trim unplanned expenses from health complications, such as type 2 diabetes, which is strongly linked to obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Further, investing in remedies which can help mitigate ailment symptoms and improve body function for long-term holistic health can help improve overall quality of life.

2.       Budget, Budget, Budget

Financial experts unanimously agree on setting a budget, which helps put spending in perspective and cuts frivolous spending. Put aside cash for entertainment expenses, as some studies show that people who pay in cash instead of with credit cards can spend up to 15 percent less, as it triggers more of an emotional connection and “real” sense of parting with your money.

3.       Plan Ahead

A survey released by the Employee Benefit Research Institute showed that 69 percent of workers said they saved for their nest eggs in 2010, but had very little accumulated for retirement due to the financial crisis of recent years. Despite these losses, experts say it’s never too late to start saving and even a little bit each month can add up.

4.       Agree to Disagree

Money squabbles are often cited as one of the top disagreements in relationships. Further, studies say that spending (not borrowing or debt) is what couples argue about most. Coming to a reasonable compromise seems to be the best solution to keep both parties happy.

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