Strategies for Mom’s Suffering from ADHD

by on December 1st, 2010 at 7:00 am

Most mothers have a very hectic schedule. Days may consist of dropping the kids at school, going to work, going to soccer games or dance classes, making dinner, helping with homework and putting the kids to bed. While this lifestyle is hard enough, imagine suffering from ADHD and managing this way of life.

Many mothers with ADHD find themselves feeling stressed, exasperated and overwhelmed at the end of the day, leaving no time for themselves to wind down. When life is chaotic, there is little time to prioritize and organize daily schedules which is imperative for anyone suffering ADHD.

Mothers can be very hard on themselves while they strive to be “supermom” and work to try and make everyone in the family happy. Being “supermom” isn’t realistic for any woman, but unfortunately those suffering from ADHD may find themselves feeling guilty for not meeting their own expectations. Below are some strategies to help mothers suffering from ADHD.

Make a list

Before going to bed, make a list of everything that needs to get completed the following day. Making 2 lists can be greatly beneficial, leave one on the refrigerator or the bathroom mirror so you remind yourself of what needs to be done for the day. The other “to do” list can be placed in the car the night before, so if you accidentally forget the first list you will always have a back up. Some mother’s with ADHD feel completely lost if they don’t have their list for the day, making two lists will circumvent any mishaps.

Designate areas

When coming into the house after a long day, many people love to kick off their shoes and leave their keys wherever they haphazardly throw them. For mothers with ADHD, it’s important to start designating areas in the house for purses, bags, keys, etc. in order to avoid the stress of looking for your purse or your keys before taking the kids to school or heading to work.


It is also important to set boundaries and delegate certain tasks that can be performed by other family members or even other children’s parents. If you feel inclined to start a carpool, be sure all responsibilities are equal between parents. Don’t be afraid to say no if a parent decides they need to change the schedule, a carpool is there to help- not hinder you!

Stay Positive

Last but not least, when you find yourself thinking negatively about everything you haven’t accomplished for the day- drop it immediately. Make a list of everything that you got done and praise yourself.

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