Spice Up Your Sex Life this Year!

by on January 5th, 2011 at 7:00 am

In 2010, some couples may have noticed their sex lives had diminished either due to economic or family stress. While it may be a harder in 2011 to get back on track financially, it certainly doesn’t have to be that hard sexually.

Turns out that many libido enhancers, which may be found in your kitchen cabinet, can help arouse sexual organs; this is especially true for men. After the ingestion of certain spices, sexual organs get a thrust of energy for better performance. These spices include ginger and cassia leaves, which can be added to food or taken as a supplement.

Other helpful spices include:

Cayenne pepper- which contains vitamin C and helps stimulates circulation

Cloves- a powerful aphrodisiac which wards off physical exhaustion

Mustard- which stimulates the sexual glands and white mustard has the most with sexual performance

Oregano- has extraordinary exciting properties for the sexual glands

Vanilla- is a major sexual stimulant and can be either eaten or indirectly used as for its arousing aroma

Even though it may not be considered as a spice, one of the most beneficial of aphrodisiacs is said to be Chinese ginseng. Ginseng, as many people know helps with energy levels can also help between the sheets. Ginseng contains many vitamins that can also improve your immune system and lower blood pressure.

Having a bit more energy whether you’re a man or woman can help you and your partner attain sexual satisfaction. For the best results with ginseng, take is as a daily supplement.

Using a few of these spices while cooking for your loved one, can definitely add some excitement to your night. To dodge a disastrous date night, make sure your partner isn’t allergic to any of these spices before incorporating them into your dinner.

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