Save Your Vision- Naturally!

by on February 17th, 2011 at 7:00 am

We are ramping up for the month of March, which is “Save Your Vision” month, so there is no better time to improve and protect your vision naturally.  Unfortunately, as we get older our eyesight changes and it gets harder to focus on objects. While aging is a common issue for eyes, there are other obstacles that can hamper good vision.

These days, many of us spend massive amounts of time on computers and watching T.V., which can make our vision seem blurry after a period of time. The reason why your eyesight seems blurry is the constant viewing of close ranged objects, making it harder to focus on anything in the distance. After a long day at the office you may notice while driving home that signs and objects on the road aren’t quite easy to see.

Luckily, losing your ability to focus throughout the day is a common occurrence, which means you may not have to make a trip to your eye doctor. To help you improve your eyesight, and enhance your focusing ability, here is a list of tips to follow daily.

  • Look away from your computer and stare at something for at least 60 seconds every hour. This will improve your ability to focus on objects in the distance and keep your eyes from getting used to focusing on objects close to you.
  • Put your finger in front of your nose, focus on it, and then pull it away from your face. This helps your eyes focus on near and far distances in a matter of minutes, thereby improving your focusing ability. Repeat this 20-30 times
  • Slowly nod your head up and down while starting with the ceiling, allow your eyes to follow the course of the ceiling to the wall and eventually down to your toes. This exercise helps increase the blood circulation to your head and eyes by strengthening the muscles in your neck.
  • If you are far sighted don’t wear your glasses to see distance- and vice versa. Wearing your glasses for reasons they weren’t meant to help is very detrimental to your eye health. Glasses do not improve your eyesight they are merely a temporary fix. Every time you visit your eye doctor you may need a stronger prescription, due to unnecessary glasses use.
  • Forget the carrots, get Bilberry extract. Bilberries, commonly referred to as huckleberries in the U.S., are known to enhance and protect vision.  Using standardized 160mg bilberry extract dramatically increases both daytime and nighttime vision. Pilots in WWII reportedly ate bilberry jam before completing their nighttime missions due to its vision enhancing effects.

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