It’s Back to School Time! Tips for a Smooth Transition

by on August 30th, 2010 at 7:00 am

Kids are rarely super excited to see the freedom of summer go on hiatus for another year, but many times this is due to apprehension about the upcoming school year, from handling homework assignments to interacting with teachers. However, natural remedies can make a big difference for kids of all ages!

In addition, because natural medicine works to create holistic balance in the body, some remedies may take 3-6 weeks for optimum results. Particularly for kids with ADHD or other learning and concentration disorders, getting your child started on an effective program now will help ensure a successful and happy semester!

Hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsiveness

For kids who struggle to sit still and focus, the classroom can become a place of dread. To fully overcome challenges like hyperactivity and distractibility, it is important not to view these symptoms in isolation, but to also take into consideration diet, exercise, and sleep routines. Studies have shown how making modifications to these influential factors can greatly improve symptoms.

In addition, when combined in therapeutic dosage, homeopathic remedies can provide even more support. Hyoscyamus (30C), Arsen iod (30C),  Verta alb (30C) and Tuberculinum (30C) have properties that help control disruptive behavior, from restlessness to irritability.

Exam anxiety

While some stress may actually help improve alertness, excessive exam anxiety can hinder performance. To ease this problem, help your child develop better study habits and test-taking skills, which can build confidence and quash fear. There are many resources available for this common problem, so try and target the areas that your child struggles with the most.

Time management is a big challenge for some students, but making an organized plan can make all the difference. Older students that have a handle on organization but still struggle from nerves may benefit from meditation or relaxation techniques.

In addition, students of all ages can benefit from natural remedies, which can provide soothing, safe and effective relief from exam anxiety without causing drowsiness or side effects. When combined in therapeutic dosage, Passion flower, Rosemary, Gotu cola, Anacardium (6C) and Gelsemium (6C) work together to calm nerves and support the brain and nervous system for optimum cognitive functioning.

BrightSparkis a homeopathic remedy relieves that hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsiveness in children with attention problems.

Research shows that both ADD and ADHD are considered the same condition. Although the term ADD is still used by the public to identify a subset of ADHD, ADHD is the proper medical terminology for people with attention disorders whether they display signs of hyperactivity or not. In our posts when we use the term ADHD, we are also referring to ADD and vice versa.

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  1. Hewlett

    Oct 11th, 2011

    Speaking of ADHD from a teacher’s point of view, I think that more and more kids tend to acquire this kind of behavior. Based on observation, most of the 21st century children are those which cannot really stay put for a very long time and has very short attention span. I could also see that the so many options that technology is offering to them has somehow triggered this behavior.

    Hewlett from Revendre son portable 

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