Partners vs. Pets – What to do when your pet comes between you and your partner

by on March 25th, 2011 at 7:00 am

Have you ever watched the show “It’s me or the dog”? Last week, while flipping through the channels, I came across that particular program, and I had to wonder, could it really get that dramatic between your partner and your pet? Well the answer is, yes. Some pet owners find themselves in situations where they are fighting over or about their pet every day, and while, it may not be the worst issue a couple can have, it can definitely cause some hard feelings.


Getting a new pet can be great, but sometimes training them can become very tedious and couples can butt heads about training strategies. The best thing you and your significant other can do is take training classes together. When you go together there is no question as to what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your pet.

Moving in

When couples take the plunge into domestic partnership, they aren’t the only ones being affected. A single pet owner can have a tumultuous time with their pet, especially if someone is moving into their home. Pets can be very territorial, so signs of aggression, like barking, biting, hissing or scratching may be displayed while your pet is going through changes.

Obviously this can cause some tension in a household especially for the person just moving in. Setting rules for the coming future may be a good place to start. Make a list of all the rules you follow with your pet and go through them together. This will help you and your partner set boundaries as to what can be expected from Fido or Fluffy as well as yourselves.


Unfortunately, your partner may be allergic to your pet. If this is the case, there are many things to consider. Depending on how severe your partner’s allergies are, you may have to consider replacing some fabrics in your home. If your pet sleeps with you, this will have to stop. Sleeping on pillows and sheets that your pets have laid on will cause an allergic reaction in your partner. It’s important to wash all fabrics in hot water and rinse them twice to get rid of all pet dander and hair.

Although sometimes there isn’t a lot you can do when your partner is allergic to your pet, show them you are making strides in welcoming them into your home by being concerned with their comfort level.

Being on the same page with your partner when your pet is concerned is key to having a healthy happy relationship with each other and your pet. When conflicts arise remember to talk things through and listen to what each other have to say. Whether you have a new addition to your already existing family, or including another person into you and your pets’ life, be respectful to your partner and responsible for yourself and your pet.

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  2. marti Visser

    Apr 9th, 2011

    Would not begin to consider a partnerhis with someone who does not love my pets. Have seen a lot of sadness with jealous partner (in a friends’ marriage)
    Love me, love my cats. Of course they would need to adjust, as they would if there were human children in the home.

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