Natural Support for Sciatica

by on May 31st, 2010 at 7:00 am

The next time you hear someone say that his or her back hurts, you may want to recommend further exploration of the discomfort, as it may be related to sciatic nerve pain and require different treatment than a muscular injury.

Pressure on the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body, may cause pain that can extend throughout the lower back and buttocks, and even into the legs and feet. Depending on the cause of the irritated nerve and individual tolerance, pain can range from mild to severe, with varying frequency, and may include other symptoms such as numbness or muscle weakness.

What causes sciatica?

Sometimes, sciatica can be tied to a specific cause, such as an accident that led to a herniated disk (slipped disk) in the back. However, it may be a result of simply aging and use (wear and tear).

A professional evaluation should be obtained, as sciatica may be related to a more serious condition that would need to be addressed, such as degenerative disk disease or even a tumor.

Help for sciatica

Once a diagnosis has been reached, following a complementary approach to relief will usually yield the best results. Physical therapy is commonly recommended for sciatica related to a slipped disk, to improve muscle strength and posture.

Conventional drug treatments should be approached with caution, as they may carry significant side effects and may lead to dependency.

For relief without side effects or the risk of addiction, natural remedies have been shown to be very effective. Herbs such as Matricaria recutita, Arctium lappa and Devil’s Claw have been used for centuries for their anti-inflammatory properties which aid backache and muscle cramps. Rhus tox and Colocynthis, two homeopathic ingredients, are also widely used for nerve pain, as well as to ease muscle soreness and stiffness.

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