Natural Tips for Radiant Skin

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I have always had a problem with dry skin, and to top it I have numerous freckles (thank you Irish ancestors) which I tend to deem as a calamity. When I was younger I use to play around with all sorts of skin creams, mud masks, lotions, and butters. But now that I am older and live in South Florida, I want to get my lack luster skin back into shape. Now don’t get me wrong, I do wash my skin and use moisturizer, but is this really enough? I decided to take the initiative and research some cheap, natural and moisturizing ways to liven up my skin- from head to toe!

You say Potato, I say Potato.

Even though I love a good potato (cooked anyway) it seems they are also good for your skin! A potato can whiten your skin if cooked and prepared with a little milk and rosewater, and it can also reduce wrinkles if applied to the eyelids raw. The minerals in a potato are good for all parts of the skin especially if your skin is prone to dryness.

I Must be Glowing!

Turmeric- yes that spice that we find in many Indian dishes. Although Indonesian women mainly dye clothes with the turmeric root, that’s not all they use its color for. After steeping the turmeric root in water and oil, the root can then be mashed and used as a cosmetic agent. The effects of this root have been known to enhance the cheeks and make the skin appear as if it is glowing.

Freckle Fighter!

Sometimes during the summer my freckles stand out even more than normal. Sun, sand and surf can really take a toll on the skin even if you don’t have freckles like I do. As a precaution always wear sunscreen even if you are just going shopping for the day; the time in the car through the windows can still do damage to the skin. Lightening the skin can be dangerous and scary when chemical products are used, but I found that the French actually wear cucumber juice on their skin to help lighten it up from sun damage. Blend cucumber with water and pour into a spritizer bottle, this can be sprayed on the skin in the morning and night for maximum results.

An Apple a Day.

In roman times, woman took great pride in their skin and worked hard at keeping it clear and supple. They would use a mixture of apples, lanolin and cloves to wear as a body mask. In today’s times you can use the same mixture with pulped apples and cloves by using a blender to mix. Also, you may want to try replacing the lanolin with olive oil or vegetable oil.

Open Sesame!

Dry skin is such a pain, especially in the winter months, when our skin is dry it can feel tight and look scaly. The old tradition of taking herbal baths in the Far East helped combat dry skin. The baths would be accompanied by a sesame oil rub on the body. Sesame oil softens the skin by preventing perspiration or other moisture from washing away the natural oils. After a bath or shower instead of grabbing the bottle of lotion in the closet – run to the kitchen for sesame oil.

Honey, I’m Home!

How many times have I come home with aching feet? As a woman, who loves to wear heels, having a natural cheap pedicure I can do at home is priceless. To detox the feet try a black tea, honey and lemon soak. I know it sounds like you are making yourself a pot of tea but feet detoxification is important due to the strain we put on them. You can opt for using a scrub for dry skin and rough feet using honey and sea salt. Finish up your delightful pampering with a homemade natural salve of honey and coconut oil.

Wrap it UP!

I tend to have very dry skin and no amount of slathering of lotion seems to help. Well naturally, there is a complete body wrap that can be done using avocados, heavy cream, and aloe gel if you have the same problem. In a blender mix, 1 avocado, 1 cup of heavy cream and ¼ cup of aloe vera gel- apply this to your body in a thin mask and wrap yourself in plastic wrap excluding the face of course. Apply the mixture to face, neck and hair, relax and lay down for one hour. Make sure you cover the area you will be lying on with towels…. afterward take a warm shower and pat dry.

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  1. B. Chancey

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    Hi Laura, Yeah I thought these were some great natural ways to detox too! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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