Natural Remedies to Restore Respiratory Health During Cold & Flu Season

by on March 12th, 2010 at 7:00 am

During cold and flu season, our bodies become more susceptible to infection—which can lead to sneezing, coughing, and other symptoms. Unfortunately, over the counter products such as cough syrups many times contain unsafe ingredients and even alcohol!

Thankfully, there are many natural remedies available to support respiratory health, help ease cold and fly symptoms, and restore health and balance after being sick.

Ginger is a powerful expectorant and helps to clear the lungs of excessive phlegm. Ginger can also be used at the onset of a cold to promote warming in the body. Make a tea by simmering a small piece of ginger in one cup of water. Let it cool down and drink hot.

Whole and sliced ginger Garlic bulbsGarlic is one of the most powerful natural remedies available to us. It is a powerful antimicrobial and helps to fortify the immune system. Its healing properties have been known for centuries and garlic is considered by naturopaths to be the most powerful antibacterial agents in nature. Try adding some garlic to a warm chicken soup. It’ll add to its inherent healing powers.

Cinnamon Cinnamon can also be used successfully to help fight colds and flu, and is especially useful for coughs to loosen mucus.  It also helps the immune system ward off viruses. However, it is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Natural remedies can also be used to help restore immune system health after fighting viral infections such as the flu and the common cold. They are a great alternative to harsh over the counter remedies that can sometimes have very negative side effects.

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3 Responses to “Natural Remedies to Restore Respiratory Health During Cold & Flu Season”

  1. Comfort

    Nov 3rd, 2010

    I appreciate the tips on how to fight cold and flu with natural remedy, pls keep the good work going. In Nigeria will have Ginger and galic, do you have ideal with cinnamon is called in africa. Thanks Comfort
    My mail address for reply:

  2. Jenn

    Nov 3rd, 2010

    Can you put cinnamon in your baby’s food? My little one is 7 months and I don’t want to give her something that would harm her, when I am trying to help!

  3. P.Gough

    Apr 6th, 2010

    Thank you Ivy, is that your forum?

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