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by on January 4th, 2010 at 3:38 pm

As I thought about what I might want to say in this, my first posting in our new blog, it struck me that this is the perfect place and time for me to tell you why our family founded Native Remedies in the first place. I am sure it is a story each one of you can relate to in some way or another. I know this because you found your way to our site and our blog, so I know that we share the same passion for a natural approach.

What or rather who was our initial inspiration? Our nephew, who struggled with ADHD. Adrienne, my wife, and I watched helplessly on the sidelines when he was prescribed psychiatric drugs throughout his childhood, and we witnessed all of the side effects that came with them. Today he will tell you that his childhood was just a blur because of the drugs. And he is not alone.

Adrienne became active in CHADD, a non-profit support group for children and adults with ADD and ADHD. In the schools where she helped out she saw the same thing, time and time again – kids prescribed psychiatric drugs. And the same applied for kids diagnosed with depression, anxiety, OCD – the list went on.

Were all these kids so “afflicted”? Were we just dosing up kids who were different in order to control them in their classrooms? And did they need to take such harsh drugs as to change their personalities, stunt their growth and turn them into zombies?

We felt that there had to be a better way – not just for them, but for millions of other people who might find a natural way to mitigate their symptoms and build their long term systemic health. We decided to do something about this, along with our son, Dean, who shared a passion for holistic approaches to wellness through diet, exercise, lifestyle, and natural products.

So we set out to build a team of experts in the field of naturopathy, homeopathy and other natural remedy disciplines with a collective passion to ensure that what we delivered would be of the highest quality, efficacy and safety. We felt strongly that a full spectrum, whole herb approach (as opposed to standardized extracts) would deliver to you products that are safer and that work better, because they use the herb in its entirety. We’re committed to using wild crafted herbs wherever possible to help maintain the balance of the environment.

And so Native Remedies was born with a mission of inspiring you too, to embrace a natural approach to complete family wellness – including your pets. Today, we are proud to be able to say that we have helped over a half million people get onto that road with our dual modality approach, which embraces homeopathic products to relieve symptoms while combining herbal supplements to build systemic long-term wellness. Every day we revel in the wonderful stories so many of you submit to us, telling us how much we have helped you, your families and your pets.

I look forward to using this forum to share our experiences, thoughts and stories with you. And more than that, I would love to hear back from you with your ideas, suggestions and experiences. After all, we can surely learn from each other. So post your comments and let’s begin the dialog!

George Luntz
Co-Founder Native Remedies, LLC

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