Natural Remedies to Prevent or Treat a Cold

by on December 10th, 2009 at 5:25 pm

Most people have heard that orange juice and Echinacea are great to boost the immune system and prevent colds, but there are a variety of less common remedies that can help fight the colds and flu that plague us during the winter. The best way to prevent illness is to maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise and adequate sleep, but even under the best of conditions we can fall victim to the cold and flu viruses.

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Here are some great foods to add to your diet during cold and flu season:

Garlic – Fresh garlic does more than scare away your mate; it actually fights bacteria.  To add fresh garlic to your diet, trying making fresh salsa at home.  Chop onions, tomatoes, bell peppers (use more than one color for maximum flavor), cilantro, hot peppers and garlic, and then throw everything into a blender.  I usually hit the blend button for a second, stir and repeat until it is the consistency that I want.

Ginger – Ginger is often used to calm an upset stomach, but my mother would add it to boilingGinger water and encourage me to drink it when I was congested.  I didn’t like the taste, even when she added honey and lemon, but just breathing in the steam would help clear my nasal passages.

GrapefruitGrapefruit – People commonly think grapefruit is great due to its vitamin C content, but it has an additional benefit of helping to detoxify the liver. The detox effect helps your body remove toxins faster, so you can quickly recover from your cold.

Honey – Add some honey to your tea or eat a spoonful to ease a nighttime cough.  Not only does it contain Vitamin C, but the honey soothes your throat.Honey

Chinese Hot & Sour SoupChinese Hot & Sour Soup – This is another one of my mother’s magic remedies that I’ve passed on to many sick friends.  I find it really helps reduce swelling in your throat, and it is great for congestion.

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