Native Remedies Announces New NR Essentials™ Vitamin & Supplements Line

by on November 7th, 2011 at 7:00 am

The number-one online retailer of herbal and homeopathic products, Native Remedies, is pleased to announce its all-new vitamin and supplements line, NR Essentials. The line offers a comprehensive range of daily use supplements, including support for the immune system, brain, cardiovascular system, metabolism and more.

NR Essentials™ sets itself apart in many ways, offering 15 uniquely formulated vitamins and supplements designed for men, women and children. Each product has been formulated to ensure maximum absorption in order to provide optimal efficacy. All NR Essentials products contain laboratory-tested ingredients for maximum quality, safety and effectiveness and are manufactured according to FDA guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). From the purchase of carefully selected raw ingredients to the production of herbal extracts and pharmaceutical-grade nutrient powders, each product is put through a rigorous testing process using advanced analytical instrumentation including: FT/NIR, HPLC, GC/MS, and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

Further, all products are manufactured in facilities operating under stringent quality standards, utilizing dust and humidity-controlled rooms. Following production, every detail from weight to integrity is verified prior to bottling.

The full line of NR Essentials™ includes:

  • NR Essentials™ Vitamin E with tocopherols & tocotrienols – Promotes cellular health, utilizing only natural vitamin E for higher potency and easier absorption
  • NR Essentials™ Calcium/Magnesium – Utilizes sophisticated sources of calcium and magnesium for better absorption and maintenance of essential functions for full-body health
  • NR Essentials™ Multivitamin for Men – Helps maintain peak performance and energy levels with a vegetarian enzyme blend that aids absorption
  • NR Essentials™ Multivitamin for Women – Promotes full-body female health with a nutrient combination that supports bone health, breast health, and hormone function, plus promotes beautiful skin
  • NR Essentials™ Multivitamin – A comprehensive multivitamin for daily nutritional needs
  • NR Essentials™ DHA – Supports brain, eye, and nerve cell health in convenient capsule form, free of fishy flavors
  • NR Essentials™ Bio-5 Probiotic Blend – Promotes gastrointestinal health, mimicking the biological diversity of the digestive tract with five strains of probiotic organisms and 10 billion CFUs
  • NR Essentials™ Vitamin C Enhanced Formula – Boosts the immune system, utilizing a synergistic blend designed for enhanced absorption
  • NR Essentials™ Vitamin B12 MethylcobalaminHighly absorbed liquid B12 that supports normal metabolism and nerve cell health
  • NR Essentials™ Vitamin B-Complex – A balanced supplement that promotes nervous system health and a normal metabolism
  • NR Essentials™ Vitamin D3 – Supports bone and muscle strength, supplying 5,000 IU in every capsule
  • NR Essentials™ CoQ10 – Promotes energy, metabolism and maintains cellular health via a unique, vegetarian liquid supplement in a lipid base for better absorption
  • NR Essentials™ Garlic – Promotes immune system health while preserving the herb’s active compounds through careful manufacturing techniques
  • NR Essentials™ Omega Lemonade Smoothie – Great tasting fish oil that supports brain and heart health
  • NR Essentials™ Omega Lemonade Smoothie for Kids – Great tasting fish oil that promotes normal development and brain functions

The NR Essentials™ line features several convenient forms that maintain nutrient integrity and maximize absorption, including easy-to-swallow, fast-acting vegetarian capsules, liquid smoothies and vegecaps, as well as softgels.

All of Native Remedies products are backed by a one-year unconditional money back guarantee and are available online at




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  1. Franklin

    Nov 8th, 2011

    Looks like a good thing to try. Thanks for new remedies.

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