National Nutrition Month

by on March 23rd, 2013 at 11:15 am

vegetarianismo-combatendo-mitosMarch may bring the first day of spring, but it also brings the realization that bikini season is right around the corner. Thankfully, it’s easy to pick up healthy eating habits to aid in weight loss efforts because March is National Nutrition Month. This year marks the 40th anniversary and the 2013 theme, “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day”, recognizes that food preferences, lifestyles, cultural and ethnic traditions, and health concerns all play an important part in the way people eat. The idea is that there’s always a way to incorporate healthy eating that follows along with your traditions and lifestyle so you don’t have to sacrifice health for beliefs or vice versa.

ABC News recently spoke to Melissa Dobbins MS, RDN and a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics regarding healthy eating tips and nutrition facts. Dobbins emphasized the importance of serving sizes, particularly in prepackaged foods where individual portions may actually be several servings. Serving sizes play a key role in understanding the rest of the nutrition label, namely how many nutrients you may be consuming.

Key nutrients you need to look for depend on your specific health goals (this relates back to the Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day theme). Those who are interested in losing weight may pay most attention to the number of calories listed on the label while others who are concerned about their heart may first look to the amount of saturated fat.

Finally, pay attention to the daily value (DV) of nutrients listed on the nutrition label. A nutrient is considered “low” if it’s 5 percent or less of the daily value. Alternatively, a nutrient is “high” if it’s 20 percent or more of the daily value. So for example, if one serving from a bag of potato chips has sodium listed as 23% of the daily value, those chips are considered high in sodium.

Here at Native Remedies, the staff is celebrating National Nutrition Month by participating in a “Biggest Loser” contest to reach their weight loss goals while improving overall health and wellness. Participants are even using some of the Native Remedies weight loss formulas such as Triple Complex Slimmer’s Assist to speed up metabolism and EcoSlim to reduce the desire for ‘comfort’ eating that can often times derail people from following a diet and exercise routine. Thus far, both remedies have proven successful with a combined total percentage of weight loss for the staff of 20.97% after just a few weeks.

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