Man’s Best Workout Buddy

by on December 12th, 2011 at 7:00 am

Man’s Best Workout BuddyFor many people, getting in shape can be difficult.  What they don’t realize is they may have a personal trainer living with them: their dog. Studies show dog owners walk more, walk faster and enjoy an overall healthier lifestyle.

According to a study conducted by Mars Petcare, a dog is responsible for 66% of walks his or her owner takes! That means on average, a pet owner walks 66% more than a non-pet owner. Whatever the mood you’re in, dogs need to be walked, which is why they are one of the best motivators. Human workout buddies can give up, but not your four legged friend! Rain or shine, your pet will be more than glad to go for a walk.

In addition to physical advantages, there are also mental benefits to walking a dog. They can help with social problems. If you are walking a dog, people will see you as more approachable, and more social interaction is good for mental health. If you’re looking to get back into shape and feel better, look no further than your new workout buddy.

There is a proper way to walk your dog, and many are not doing it correctly. Some people may think they are walking their dog, when in reality their dog is walking them. Your dog should be at your side, with slack on the leash. They should always be following you; if not, the dog most likely thinks he is the Alpha.  For more information on proper walking techniques visit our blog 5 Tips for Walking Dominant Dogs.

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