Squeaky Green: Embracing the Natural, Holistic Lifestyle

by on March 17th, 2010 at 7:00 am

The iPod is playing, TV blaring, computer blinking… oh wait, I just missed another text on my phone.

We’re so plugged in and connected nowadays, the line between work and home is becoming more and more blurred; pre-packaged foods are replacing nutritious, home-cooked meals; and running to the dry cleaners now counts as aerobic activity.

And yet our bodies often pay the price for not being treated right— with depression, obesity, and other ailments rampant among people of all ages— not to mention the deterioration in our environment from pollution and waste from mass consumption.

However, a recent consumer report stated that our intentions are good… according to a recent survey conducted by BBMG, people want to be more green and healthy, not only for their own bodies, but for the planet. Nearly 7 in 10 Americans (67%) agree that “even in tough economic times, it is important to purchase products with social and environmental benefits,” and 51% say they are “willing to pay more” for them.

So how do go from wanting to embrace a more healthy, natural lifestyle to actually doing it? Here are a few simple ways to start.

Evaluate Your Day. Do you really need to make that trip across town today, or can you wait until Tuesday, when you’ll be there for an appointment anyway? Can you start a carpool group with work or other parents? Making little changes can add up to less stress for you and less green house gas emissions for the environment, all while saving some fuel.

Do a Self-Health Check. Take some quiet time and really analyze your mind and body. When did that insomnia start? Do you exercise enough? Find out what seems to trigger your most common health concerns, and take action to find the root of the problem- not just mask problems with quick fixes.

Consider a Holistic Approach to Health, combining conventional and natural medicine. Herbal and homeopathic remedies can safely and effectively treat the symptoms and the cause to provide fast-acting relief plus long-term wellness.

Recycle. Volunteer. BYOB… which now means bring your own bag at the grocery store. Just by making little changes and giving back, we not only give benefits to others and the environment but receive them ourselves.

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