Living Alone & Having a Pet

by on May 2nd, 2011 at 7:00 am

I live alone and though I have my beloved fish, sometimes I think about how nice it would be to cuddle up next to a furry little friend in bed at night. For the pet owners out there, I am sure there were many new things you had to get used to when you first got your pet, like taking them for daily walks, buying dog/cat food, cleaning litter boxes and even repairing chewed furniture, but if you live alone what are the true benefits of having a pet.

The perfect walking partner

Even though you may take daily walks by yourself, studies have shown that walking with a partner can help you keep yourself on track. Walking is an excellent form of exercise and helps lower you and your pets stress levels and lose weight. Since dogs need daily walks, they too can be the perfect walking partners.

Say bye-bye to loneliness

Many pet owners say they feel less lonely when having a pet around. The adoration that a pet gives can even sometimes be more rewarding than living with a roommate. Sharing your space with a furry creature can help reduce the feelings if loneliness some singles get.  Pets often feel a renewed exuberance when their owners return, which can make any home owner grin from ear to ear.

Conversational piece

Many owners will tell you that their pet is a great conversation kick-starter. Dogs especially can become the topic of conversation when you are seen with them in public. Many people will want to know your dogs breed, age and even see any tricks they can do. Meeting new friends at the park has never been easier if you have your furry mascot at your side.

Ward off health issues

Pets are great at letting their owners know just how much they care about them. The unconditional love your pet feels for you is sometimes just what you may need to get through a bad day. Statistics have shown that owning a pet can reduce stress levels and fight depression. Also, those who suffer heart attacks have been known to live longer than those who do not own a pet.

Not only can pets help you stay active and healthy, but also help you to meet new people as well! Just remember that having a pet is a lot of responsibility and one that cannot be shirked, but if you think you’re ready, there are many benefits to having a pet around.

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