Keep Your Kids Safe! – April is National Sports Eye Safety Month

by on April 26th, 2011 at 7:00 am

April is National Sports Eye Safety month. Many of us have children who play sports, and there may be times as a parent when you have witnessed your child get clobbered on a court or the field. As parents it’s instinctual to want your child to be protected and staying protected and safe includes wearing protective clothing and gear.

Eyes are very sensitive parts of the body and can easily be injured. A whopping 40,000 sports related eye injuries happen each year, and many of these eye injuries can be circumvented if protective eyewear is worn. It’s best to check with your eye doctor to get the perfect fit for your child, wearing faulty or ill-fitting equipment can be just as dangerous as wearing nothing at all.

Common eye injuries occur from blunt trauma to the eye and sports most apt to contribute to blunt trauma are hockey, tennis, baseball, golf and water sports. Whether your child gets hit with an athletic object or even an elbow, you better believe they are going to be in pain, and they will want you to fix it.

A black eye is one of the most common of a sports related injury, and luckily, besides preventing eye injuries by wearing goggles or another type of eyewear, there are a few natural way you as a parent can relieve a black eye.

Using ice is the best thing you can do for a black eye, because ice reduces swelling by constricting the blood vessels (capillaries) that surround the eye.  Keeping your son or daughters head elevated through the night to reduce blood pressure in the head is also a helpful way to combat a black eye.

Sage tea has also been used for centuries to cure bruises, and a tea bag is the perfect shape for an eye socket. Brew a pot of sage tea and soak a washcloth in the liquid, once the cloth cools, place on the eye. Similarly, using herbs such as Rooibos and Bilberry can strengthen eye capillaries and reduce inflammation.

Remember, any type of eye or head trauma should be looked at by a physician, and before you send your child out on the court or the field, make sure he/she is always protected against any type of sports injury!

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