Health on Vacation

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Tips for Avoiding Common Travel Concerns

While we can’t avoid all illness that may occur during travel- such as contaminants in water and food and even airborne germs- taking precautions can help prevent sickness from ruining your holiday!

Travel Tip #1: Boost Immunity

From the closed cabins and re-circulated air on airplanes, trains, and buses, these spaces can contribute to many ailments and be breeding grounds for germs. Have you ever caught a cold seemingly soon after airplane travel?

Perhaps it’s coincidence or due to the low humidity in the cabin, which dries out the body’s airways (decreasing the body’s natural resistance to infection), or the recycled air, which means you’re repeatedly breathing in other passenger’s carbon dioxide (and potentially viruses). While newer planes do use air filtration systems, the efficiency and percentage of particles not captured may leave you prone to catching a cold.

Natural Immune Boosters

African Potato extract is a natural supportive tonic containing phytosterols and sterolins, which studies have shown to provide beneficial effects on the immune system. Another herb to try is Goldenrod, which has been used traditionally by herbalists for centuries as a tonic remedy to strengthen the natural protective ability of the body to fight infection.

ImmunityPlusprovides complete and effective immune system support.

Travel Tip #2: Alleviate Travel Anxiety & Fear

Do you experience sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat, or even panic attacks before boarding a plane? For some people, it’s impossible to formulate rational thoughts, and the body takes over and experiences physical symptoms from the emotional distress.

Sleep and nutrition fuel the brain and are the two best aids for easing flight and travel anxiety. Getting rest prior to traveling will help alleviate worry and unease so you’re not rushing with last minute to do’s and skimping on sleep. Include in your nightly agenda a cup of chamomile tea to relax the mind and body if you feel restless before a next day travel. In addition, be sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet to provide your body with essential minerals and vitamins.

Natural Relief for Travel Anxiety

Aconite (30C) has been used in homeopathic medicine to treat the sudden onset of physical symptoms prompted by uneasiness in people that are normally healthy and well–adjusted. Another great homeopathic remedy for calming the nerves and agitation is Argentum nitricum (30C).

Travel Tip #3: Relieve Motion Sickness

Whether or not you have a strong or weak stomach, you may be susceptible to some discomfort and impaired digestion while traveling, particularly by plane, as the body’s intestines expand a bit as a result of pressurization. To offset these effects, eat lightly and choose easier to digest foods such as carbohydrate-rich pasta over meat, and drink plenty of liquids, including herbal teas that contain ginger, to relieve your unsettled stomach.

Natural Relief for Motion Sickness

Regardless of travel method, natural remedies can support and soothe stomachs via plane, car or boat. Zingiber (3X) has a long history of traditional use for providing relief, with effectiveness supported by modern research. Cocculus (6C) is also well known for its ability to promote digestive comfort while traveling, and Wind flower (6C) helps to support the natural balance mechanisms of the ear and can be very useful in maintaining traveling comfort, particularly when there is an aversion to the enclosed space and a need for fresh air.

CanTravelis a homeopathic remedy that relieves nausea, vomiting and queasiness caused by motion sickness during travel by air, sea or land.

Happy Travels!

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    i have vertigo….i wonder if wind flower will help me.?

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