Fleas, Ticks and Your Pet

by on March 21st, 2011 at 7:00 am

With spring around the corner, your pet will likely be spending more time outside – which also means he or she will have a higher chance of encountering fleas and ticks. However, taking a few preventative measures can help ensure that your pet stays safe and healthy while enjoying time in the great outdoors!

Boosting immunity & protection

Besides causing your pet to endure annoying symptoms such as itching, irritation and inflammation, flea and tick bites can lead to more serious conditions such as tapeworm infestation, flea bite dermatitis or tick-borne illnesses, which can sometimes even be fatal.

Natural herbal and homeopathic remedies can be used to strengthen your pet’s immune system, eliminate toxins and maintain overall health and well-being, while also being safe and gentle on the body without the harsh side effects of strong and toxic chemicals.

A very effective herb for supporting liver functioning and the removal of toxins is Carduus marianus (Milk thistle). Homeopathic ingredients such as Crotalus hor., China, Ferrum phos. and Aconite also support a healthy immune system, liver and red blood cells.

For additional support, speak to your vet about vaccination options for Lyme disease, topical sprays and chemical collars, as these tend to be quite harsh for your pet’s skin and can cause some serious side effects. Your vet can help recommend what will be the best approach for your pet’s needs.

There are also natural shampoos you can use that help deter fleas as well as other pests such as mosquitos and flies, while encouraging healthy, clear skin and coats. Look for products that contain Citronella oil, a very fragrant deterrent, as well as Rosemary oil, which has been researched for its antioxidant activity.

Everyday living tips

  • A natural way to help prevent fleas is to add a little garlic juice to your pet’s food.
  • Use caution before unleashing your dog into the yard or park, and do not let him or her stray into tall grass or low brushes that may inhabit ticks.
  • If you suspect that your pet has picked up fleas, collect all bedding, rugs, blankets and cushions that your pet had contact with and wash them in hot water. Thoroughly vacuum every room in the house and consult with your vet about using a pet-friendly flea control product to avoid infestation.

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