Top 5 exercises that show results and keep you entertained

by on September 23rd, 2010 at 7:00 am

Blaming Boring Exercises for Not Staying Fit?
I can’t tell you how many times I am reluctant to exercise because of the boredom factor. Sure, walking/jogging is great and I try and do it at least 4 times a week, but for me, it really isn’t that stimulating. I am one of those women who hate to go to a gym just for the sheer thought of actually having someone judge me for the amount of time I didn’t spend on the treadmill, so therefore, I walk outside.

Sometimes I think, “If I were on a treadmill, I could watch TV”. But is watching TV while exercising really good for you anyway; I mean isn’t that un-stimulating for my brain? Whether or not you work out at a gym, here are some really fun ways to lose weight while strengthening and toning your body – and wave boredom good-bye!

Hula Hooping for a Thinner You

Most of us haven’t picked up a hula hoop since the 5th grade; however, this fun exercise actually keeps the heart rate up and helps burn calories- 100 calories in a ten minute span to be exact. The key is to use a weighted hoop; this will help to shed pounds quicker by making you work at keeping it off the ground even harder. Weighted hoops are actually a little more advanced, if you are new at hula hooping, or you just haven’t played with one in over a decade (like me) practice on a regular hoop and work your way up.

Trash Your Office Chair

I know this seems a little outrageous and you don’t really have to get rid of it, but maybe put it in the corner for a while. If you work in an office, you know what it feels like to be sitting at a computer all day long, only getting up to take a bathroom break, have lunch, or get a snack. Well if this is you, slide that office chair to the corner and go get a fitness ball.

Since sitting at a desk all day in an office chair can cause bad posture, you can use this ball to work on the muscles that cause slouching (back & abdominal). Fitness balls come in a couple of sizes; you want to buy the biggest one so you can still work at your desk. These balls are made to tone up the core abdominal and back muscles.

You don’t actually have to work out on the ball while in your office, but the fact that it has no backing and you have to keep your balance to stay on it is a sure-fire way to tone your muscles and help you to lose weight.

Ready, Set, CHORES!

Let’s face it, chores can be boring. Chore racing is a great way to stay stimulated and burn a few extra calories. Most people have a set ‘chore day’, so give it your own a twist – when you or your partner are doing chores around the house, make it a race. Racing around your home and doing small chores quickly can help you to shed pounds. Better yet, if you have children, this is a good way to get the whole family involved in helping to keep your house and body in peak condition. Live alone? Time yourself. Next time you have some things to do around your house, time yourself to see if you can get them all done under a certain time limit. The next time those chores come around, try to beat your previous time.

“Climbing” for a Better Body

No not like climbing a mountain, but a rock wall. Rock walls are great because they really tone up the body and you can usually start seeing results in a couple weeks. The trick is it to take it slow and start small. Indoor climbing walls now-a-days are pretty easy to find and come with a trainer and harnesses. Ask a friend to join you to feel more comfortable. This can be not only a great calorie burner but also a really great time!

Lose Weight, Gain Sex.

A half an hour of sex can burn up to 150 calories; of course if you and your partner have longer sex, you will burn more calories. When you start to lose weight, confidence builds and ultimately you may feel like you want to engage in sex more – meaning better sex is only a few pounds away! On the other side of the spectrum, when our bodies are in good health, our energy, vitality and even sexual performance levels are sure to excel.

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