Detoxing the Body after the Holidays

by on January 3rd, 2011 at 7:00 am

During the holidays simple food plans are often abandoned and recovering the body and mind from a “holiday hangover” can be very difficult. Rearrange your fridge after the holidays, purge leftovers, and freeze foods you may want to use at another time. When your fridge is finally cleaned out, restock your shelves with fruits and veggies.

Raw fruits and vegetables are the best to eat for an internal detox. Although all fruits and vegetables are good for you, eating more leafy greens like kale, mustard greens and broccoli work really well to rid the body of toxins caused by rich foods.

Part of feeling miserable over the holidays is from bloating which is due to an overload of salt and sugar intake. Holiday foods like ham, casseroles, cakes and cookies can cause swelling not only in the waistline but in all parts of the body. To eliminate bloating drink plenty of water and even try ginger tea which helps settle nausea and promote proper digestion.

Mentally, be prepared for mood swings which come from a lack of sugar. When you find yourself lacking energy and craving something sweet, you need to be armed and ready to eat a piece of fruit, sugar-free mints or something with protein. Protein-packed foods like oatmeal can derail sugar cravings and keep you on track. In addition, oatmeal can be naturally sweetened with applesauce and will quell sugar cravings that can last a few days!

Top 5 foods to eat after the holidays

Eggs – protein from eggs will curb your cravings and keep you satisfied

Whole wheat toast – fiber enriched whole grains help eliminate toxins while filling you up

Kale – kale is low in calories but full of fiber, so you can feel satiated longer

Yogurt – probiotics contained in yogurt helps maintain healthy digestion (Greek yogurt)

Apples –apples help cleanse the intestines and encourage good bowel movements

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