Don’t Be Fooled by this Cute Face! Diseases Pets Can Transmit to Humans

by on June 18th, 2010 at 9:00 am

While we all love our furry friends, it is important not to throw common sense out the window when handling them – despite their cute and cuddly faces!

Although it is not too common, pets can be carriers of disease. Be especially wary if your dog or cat spends a lot of time outdoors or if you have children in the household, and always wash your hands before touching your face or eating after petting.

Make sure your pet is up-to-date with all vaccinations and schedule a visit with your vet for a proper diagnosis if necessary. Home treatment of serious illnesses is not recommended.

Common diseases to watch out for in your pets include:

Lyme disease While you cannot contract this disease directly from your pet, your dog or cat can easily bring ticks into your house and put you at risk.

  • Symptoms may include: Swollen joints, muscle pain and weakness, a bull’s eye lesion, lameness, fever, vomiting, poor appetite, fatigue
  • o Treatment: Lyme disease can be a serious condition, so monitor your pet and seek veterinary care if needed.
  • o Natural remedies: Milk Thistle supports liver functioning and the removal of toxins, while homeopathic ingredients such as Crotalus hor., China, Ferrum phos. and Aconite support the immune system, liver and red blood cells.

NOTE: Check out other tick-borne illnesses

Ringworm is a very contagious fungal infection spread through direct contact.

  • Symptoms may include: Patches or circular areas of hair loss; inflamed, scaly skin; scratching and itchiness
  • o Treatment: Shampoos and anti-fungal creams are usually used to reduce infection. Thoroughly clean areas your pets have been in contact with, such as food and bowls and sleeping areas.
  • Natural remedies: Tea Tree Oil, Neem, Marigold and Witchhazel promote healthy skin and coat to support the immune system.

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