“Comfort Food” That Won’t Damage Your Waistline

by on August 15th, 2011 at 7:00 am

Almost all of us have turned to an unhealthy nosh during a stressful time at one point or another. Some of us prefer sweets, while others prefer salty snacks. However, these unhealthy choices can lead to a spike in blood pressure and blood sugar, leaving you feeling worse and stressing your body even more. Further, turning to food to curb stress only defers the problem. However, since we cannot alleviate all stressors in our lives, check out healthy ways to ease stress.

If you are hungry but stress levels are still high, check out these healthier picks before you reach for the jumbo candy bar!

  • Dip into guacamole. While some may initially chalk up this avocado-rich dish to fattening party food fare, it is actually a healthy option when eaten in moderation. Avocadoes are full of B vitamins, which is depleted during stress. Replenish this important vitamin and boost brain cells.
  • Go nuts. Almonds are high in vitamin E, which helps mitigate the effects of cellular damage stress can cause on the body, while walnuts help replace B vitamins.
  • Peel an orange. This great source of vitamin C has been said to help lower cortisol as well as blood pressure, so eat up!
  • Enjoy some berries. Try frozen berries for a longer-lasting sweet treat that won’t lead to a blood sugar crash.
  • Grab some stalks. Asparagus contains folic acid, which is said to help improve your mood.


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