Cold Weather Pet Concerns

by on January 13th, 2011 at 7:00 am

When winter temperatures plummet, there are a myriad of problems that can affect your pets. As always, prevention is much better than cure!

Take a few minutes to check out some of the top concerns your pets may face this winter and help keep your animals cozy and healthy!

Painful Paws

If you are a pet owner in a snow-prone climate, it is particularly important to protect your pet’s feet, as salt applied to streets and sidewalks to melt icy conditions can be extremely irritating and lead to tender pads.

Dry, cold air alone can cause your pet’s pads to become dry and cracked, so watch for signs of sore pads and discomfort to avoid a more serious condition like an infection. Your dog or cat may excessively lick his or her feet, and you may notice red skin between the pads or even bleeding.

To help prevent chapped, raw feet, wipe your pet’s feet with a washcloth after time outside, and apply Vaseline to promote healing and soothe paws after exposure. If your pet’s feet are already sore and damaged, consider protective booties.

Achy Joints

For elderly pets, especially those with arthritis, cold weather can literally be a pain, causing stiff, tender joints. Exercise a little patience with slower-moving pets, as everyday activities can now be a challenge. Although your pet may be less playful, it is important to keep him or her active, as exercise is critical for managing arthritis. Help keep your pet comfortable during rest by providing a cushioned, warm bed.

Cold Sensitivity

Small breed dogs, short-haired breeds, puppies and kittens, as well as older pets may have difficulty in the snow and cold. If your pet has existing health conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, he or she may have difficulty with body heat regulation.

Even for longer-haired breeds, avoid shaving your dog’s coat down in the winter, and consider getting your short-haired breed a coat.

Regardless of breed, age, or health conditions, after bathing your dog during colder months, ensure that he/she is completely dry before going out for a walk.

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