Can a Massage Relieve Your Headache?

by on January 11th, 2012 at 7:00 am

Tension HeadacheTension often leads to headaches. In fact, there’s one headache known as the tension-type headache.

Not too long ago, a study was done to see if massage therapy could alleviate the psychological problems that might cause tension headaches.1

The authors, scientists Albert Moraska and Clint Chandler, hired therapists to massage sixteen volunteers and reduce anxiety, depression, and stress in those study participants.

The therapists tried to improve the mental state of twelve women and four men with five different massage techniques. These techniques targeted muscles in the back and shoulders, the neck, the jaw, and the head.

For the study, anxiety was measured with a questionnaire known as the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory. According to the authors of the study, this test measures how someone feels at the moment (state anxiety) and how that person generally feels (trait anxiety).

“The lowest score for trait anxiety took place at the follow-up measurement,” say the authors. So, after six weeks of massage sessions, the volunteers felt less anxious.

Depression levels improved, too, according to the authors. “A statistically significant decrease in BDI-II [Beck Depression Inventory] score was measured across the study timeframe…,” say authors Moraska and Chandler.

These scientists measured stress with two questionnaire-based tests: the Perceived Stress Scale and the Daily Stress Inventory. Three weeks after completion of multiple 45-minute massage sessions, the volunteers had less perceived stress, say the scientists.

The volunteers, people who ranged in age from 28- to 56-years-old, experienced less daily stress as a result of the massage therapy. “A significant decrease in the daily number of events considered stressful was detected…,”say Moraska and Chandler in their study.

So, getting a massage on a regular basis may improve a person’s state of mind and reduce the chance of getting a tension headache.

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  1. Albert Moraska and Clint Chandler, “Changes in Psychological Parameters in Patients with Tension-type Headache Following Massage Therapy: A Pilot Study,” The Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy.

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