Break Free From Anxiety

by on August 8th, 2011 at 7:00 am

AnxietyYou feel uneasy, but you don’t really know why. Then a few random thoughts flash through your mind. ‘What if my car breaks down?’ you think. ‘It’s been making a funny sound for over a month.’

Your thoughts multiply. ‘If my car breaks down, I’ll have no way to get to work,’ you think. ‘My credit card bill is coming, and it’s at least $1000.’

Gradually, you build a mental case for why a minor problem with your car could make your entire life collapse. It’s a cause-and-effect chain of worry. And it builds into a wall of anxiety, making you feel ill. You have a lump in your throat, and your heart is racing. You can’t calm down.

You’re feeling the effects of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 6.8 million American adults are affected by GAD. 1

But there’s hope. A new study shows that lavender oil can be used to help alleviate generalized anxiety.2 Seventy-eight male and female patients participated in the study, which spanned six weeks. Some of the patients took a lavender oil preparation; others, a tranquilizer. The lavender oil preparation proved to be just as effective as the tranquilizer in alleviating anxiety.

Some scientists have discovered what makes lavender oil useful for fighting anxiety. They conducted a study in which they found that the compound, linalool, is what can provide this benefit.3 Linalool is found in essential oils like lavender, giving the oil a fragrant scent.

Actually inhaling the scent from linalool may have a calming effect. In fact, scientists found that mice that inhaled this scent became less anxious.4

Smelling the scent of lemon oil may also be good for reducing anxiety. One study found that lemon oil vapor has an anti-stress effect.5

So, when you feel anxious and overwhelmed by everyday stress, you can:

  • Smell the scent of lavender oil or lemon oil
  • Meditate
  • Reduce your intake of stimulants like coffee

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