Are You and Your Pet Getting Enough Sleep? What you can do for a restless pet

by on April 11th, 2011 at 7:00 am

Have you ever found yourself up at night because your pet is being restless? A restless pet can be quite a nuisance for not only themselves but you as well. Finding the culprit of unhealthy sleep patterns is key to ensuring a good nights sleep for both you and your pet.

First and foremost, if your pet sleeps with you, now may be time to move them to their own bed. Constant tossing and turning will cause your pet to wake many times during the night. Most of us tend to reposition ourselves many times during the night which makes it uncomfortable for our pets to sleep in the same bed. If your pet already has had dibs on the bed for years, gradually lead them to their own bed. Although pets may not like this, in the long run it’s the best thing for the both of you.

Pets that are ill tend to be restless during the night. Digestion issues can be a major issue for pets not getting enough rest. Just like humans, rumbling tummies can make pets restless and cause you to stay up as well. Depending on what and when your pet ate, you can have a long night ahead. Try not to give your pet any table scraps which are too rich for small digestive systems.

Weird weather can sometimes be attributed to pet restlessness. Many pets are frightened of pouring rain, thunder and lightning causing anxiety. At times like these your pet may feel the need to be next to you. Before a storm hits, make sure your pet knows he or she is safe and secure inside your home and show them to their “comfort spot” in the house. A comfort spot is a place where your pet loves to be and feels very comfortable in (sans the bed of course). If your pet starts to whimper, turn on the radio or white noise to drown out outside sounds.

Parasites are another huge reason why your pet isn’t getting any sleep. New puppies are especially susceptible to parasites since most of them are born with round worms contracted from their mothers. A parasitic infection can make it virtually impossible for pets to get comfortable, at night and even during the day, thus leading to sleep deprivation.

Washing your pet’s bed, toys and surroundings properly can prevent parasites. If you believe your pet is infested, paying a visit to your vet isn’t such a bad idea. Alternatively, herbs such as Wormwood, Neem and Cloves can help discourage pests and promote digestive cleansing.

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  2. faith matthews

    May 5th, 2011

    My labrador barks and barks at night, inside and outside the house.. I think she needs exerise but I am a 73year old pensioner with ovarian cancer and do not have the enegy not the strength to taje her for walks. She pulls me into fneces, tress and I give up after a few tries. My daughter gave her to me when she was 2 (she is not turning 5 in DecemberO), My daughter is a nursing sister so dd not have time to take her for exercise. When my husband passed away in 2007 my daughter gave annabel to me for company and protection. I love her to bits but I am getting very little sleep. I have just had an epidural for pain control (back ache) but I have to get up all the tie to get her to come in and then she comes in and starts barkingt at me again. It is driving me insane. hat can I do?

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