Feel Refreshed & Refocused: Tips for ADHD Adults

by on September 2nd, 2010 at 10:00 am

Although adults with ADHD may have very active minds, that doesn’t always equate to productivity. In fact, it usually means more difficulty concentrating, which is often accompanied by procrastination.

Not only are these behaviors not conducive to accomplishing tasks, they can also be exhausting! Check out our tips below to stay on track, plus feel more energized!

Daily Warm-Ups

Just as you should exercise your body, the brain needs exercise to be its most efficient, too.  Begin each day by getting organized. Prepare yourself by establishing habits that put you into work-mode: drinking a cup of coffee, prioritizing your to-do list, and monitoring progress on long-term objectives.

Once settled in, get the most tedious and urgent projects accomplished early on to avoid the stress of finishing an important task when you’re already late for an after-work appointment.

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Avoid Afternoon Slumps

A mid-day break is a must, even for busy days. Taking a 10-minute hiatus to recharge can pay off in hours of more efficient work. If you find yourself low in energy reaching for a candy fix by mid-afternoon, try a healthier alternative that won’t lead to a sugar crash- take a quick stroll around outside, or grab an ice-cold glass of water along with a nutritious snack, such as granola and dried fruit.

To maintain momentum, steer clear of attention-draining distractions – the chain email, chatty co-workers, web surfing, etc. Getting these time-killers under control is vital not only for productivity, but also for avoiding self-depreciating thoughts, which worsen the situation and over time can even lead to depression.

Ending the Day the Right Way

Upon returning home, take time to unwind before settling into bed. Restless thoughts and tension from business of  the day can lead to insomnia. Clear out your mind by practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation, or release the worries of the day in a different way with a good book, or write down distracting thoughts for tomorrow’s to-do list. Avoid stimulating activities, TV, and the computer an hour before bed. As always, be mindful of practicing a holistic approach to health for optimum well-being!

Research shows that both ADD and ADHD are considered the same condition. Although the term ADD is still used by the public to identify a subset of ADHD, ADHD is the proper medical terminology for people with attention disorders whether they display signs of hyperactivity or not. In our posts when we use the term ADHD, we are also referring to ADD and vice versa.

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