Juggling Holiday Pressures with ADD/ADHD

by on November 22nd, 2010 at 7:00 am

Unfortunately, stress has become synonymous with the holidays – and if you or a family member has ADD/ADHD, a little simple planning is crucial to surviving and enjoying the season!

Maintain a Schedule

Loss of routine is often the biggest challenge for individuals and families alike, as ADD/ADHD sufferers function best with structure. Of course, patterns will deviate as kids are off from school, people travel, and guests come and go. By determining big events and timetables, you can create a sense of security accompanied by knowing what to expect, which helps to create a flexible schedule to follow – thus eliminating the feeling of chaos.

Don’t Mess with Dosage

Maintaining consistency with natural remedies as well as prescription medicine should be a part of any vacation plan. Furthermore, as herbal and homeopathic remedies work to support balance in the body, taking a ‘break’ may leave you or your child at a disadvantage when school or work begins again, with the first few weeks spent trying to get back the full therapeutic effect. In addition, consider having extra doses of remedies when additional support is needed, especially during late nights.

Keep Waiting to a Minimum

The holidays are filled with events that require patience, which is not a trait that comes easily to ADD/ADHD sufferers. Shopping, extended religious services, opening presents, large (and drawn-out) family meals, and waiting on performances can wreak havoc on an ADD/ADHD individual. Try and minimize wait times when possible – have others save seats in advance, do online shopping to avoid long lines, and avoid restaurants during high traffic times when longer wait times are inevitable.

Simpler Pleasures

Use breaks from work or school to enjoy activities that are relaxing – not stress-inducing. Sometimes travel or vacationing can be more taxing and draining than staying home. In addition, it’s easier for parents to maintain established rules and boundaries when kids are in familiar, comfortable environments. However, when travel is a required, be sure to set expectations in advance, have remedies on hand, and always remember to have fun!

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    • Dan Kern CCHT

      Nov 22nd, 2010

      Great article, nice content, wonderful presentation.. These are great tips and a good ramp up for dealing with seasonal time off. This is the time peer and family commitments and pressures are peaking. Great tools for the ADD/ADHD tool box.
      Dan Kern CCHT

      • P.Gough

        Nov 22nd, 2010

        Hi Dan,

        Ashley is out on vacation but as the editor, I wanted to thank you for your comment and am glad you found our article helpful.

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